has secured a plane and a permit. Now we just need the plan to go off without any issues.

Can I get some Fediverse help here in spreading the word to get some assistance evacuating some service animals from Afghanistan? Thank you!

@adam Can you pass this on to your dog-loving friend in Austin? Sincere appreciation if you can.

Maybe Biden could start each press conference by reading the 10th amendment to emphasize how almost everything he is saying and doing is unconstitutional.

My Brave browser gave me about $4.00 last month. How much did Chrome give you?

Do viruses use the military or greek alphabet for variants? I think this is an important distinction.

Are we dealing with Epsilon or Echo next month?

Daily link: the great dimming of Betelgeuse 

Betelgeuse' dimming last year seems to have been due to an eruption of dust from its southern hemisphere


#space #astronomy #betelgeuse

It's always DNS, and sometimes it's IPv6 too.

If humans help animals is that not natural evolution? We are all here. If predators can be be a reason for selection then so can allies.

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